The Truth

This deeply touched me. Let’s all show this girl the support she deserves.

A letter to R.L using stream of consciousness technique. This is all free-written, so ignore typos/poor grammar. In fact, you can ignore this entire post. I genuinely don’t expect any of you to read it or relate to it or anything. I just need to get this all out of my system before it drives me madder than I already am. Here we go.


The last time I saw you, I had so much to say to you. I’d been rehearsing everything in my head, playing out the conversation in my imagination for days before you came to visit. I thought I could talk to you about anything and everything. I could before. But when I saw your face, none of the words came out. I didn’t ask any of my burning questions, I didn’t say any sad statements, I didn’t voice any of my opinions on our shitty breakup…

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