The Mournful Son: In Memory of My Loving Father

This void,
This void pervades inside me
Burning holes inside my chest
Candles feeding on the wax of time
Melting memories
Oozing from my wounded heart
Like plows of acid ravaging my skin
Trying to restore a barren field
Sowing seeds of grief deep within
These pieces that I try to put together
Pieces shattered broken forever
Remnants of a distant past
Flying through the cosmos
Naked and alone
Trying to shed my burning skin
To peel uncertainty from doubt
An everlasting requiem of love
Toiling in a summer’s night
Waiting for the break of dawn
Waiting for a glimpse of light
And after all the laughter and the tears
There will be joy
A joy though never full nor complete
Will take me through this wretched world
Will keep my head up high and spirit clean
To conquer flourish and with time move on

Character: 72/100


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