In Search of Identity – Journey of the Mentally Insane

I’m ripping through!
I’m almost there
On the other side
I can smell the baloney sandwiches
In the land of truth
Where the sun never sets

I am a prisoner
Of my own thoughts
A freedom fighter I like to think
A matador of self inflicted truth
I speak out loud and someone shrugs
They place me in a metal cage

My shrieks they break the glass
And afterwards
I use the pieces
To light a fire
Inside my head

I stab and stab and stab away
My laughter overcomes the pain
I use my palms to paint the walls
With dark red strokes
I draw a door

I must escape
I’m almost there
I ram the door
It just won’t budge

I ram and ram and ram away
My shoulder splits
I use the pieces
To pick the lock

It just won’t budge
This door I’ve made
And everything I’ve said and done
My whole life’s work
Is not enough to make it happen

I slowly sink towards the floor
In utmost pain
Beaten, stabbed, burned and shattered
I go to bed
I need my rest
I’ll try again
To find the answer
My proud charade of self-determination


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